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  • Rachael Bach

Review: "Change Your Mind" - Dani Sylvia

In her song "Change Your Mind," Dani Sylvia perfectly encapsulates the feeling of deep longing and obsession with someone who is emotionally and physically distant. She describes how she watches the person from afar, in a way that is not reciprocated, but is captivated by their hold on her. Despite the separation, Sylvia’s feelings are strong and untempered, as she is convinced that this person is the only cure for her loneliness. The lyrics delve into themes of unchanging love, with a plea for the person to reconsider their feelings. There's a mix of vulnerability, yearning, and a sense of resignation, acknowledging the impossibility of changing the situation but still holding onto hope and love, all of which is fused with an upbeat electro-pop production. This creates a rich contrast, adding a layer of complexity that makes it a compelling and versatile piece that can resonate both on an emotional and danceable level.

The song starts out with angelic vocalization, after which a synth-fueled production kicks in, with Sylvia expressing the intensity of her emotions and how she’s embarrassed by how strongly she feels, saying she feels like a “goddamn creep” seeing the subject of the song everywhere she looks, and is constantly thinking about them. Waking up “lonely one more time” is breaking her heart because she loves them so much she’d wait for them “til the birds don’t move and the mountains fly.” She'd do anything for this person, but they don’t feel the same about her. The production eases in the pre-chorus, letting Sylvia’s vocals shine while also creating a sense of vulnerability and tension before the chorus that explodes in a dynamic, pulsating synth-heavy chorus that emphasizes her pleading questions: “Why do you always never change your mind?” The bass drops make the song exciting and energetic, and a lengthy electric guitar solo at the end creates a sense of catharsis as well as passion that pairs well with the emotional intensity of the lyrics. "Change Your Mind" effectively toes the line between hope and the inevitability of circumstance, creating a visceral emotional reaction in the listener with a high-powered electronic music-inspired beat.

Dani Sylvia, the award-winning alt-pop artist from Windsor, captivates audiences with her soulful voice that echoes the raw essence of heartbreak within the expansive realm of anthemic misery-pop. Her music serves as a cathartic dance for outsiders, offering a space to scream-cry. Since the explosive launch of her TikTok in April 2022, amassing 164k followers and 22m+ views, Dani has garnered attention from major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and BBC, where she was named 'Artist in Residence' for BBC Introducing in November 2022. Supported by industry heavyweights like Linda Perry and mentored by Ed Sheeran and Amy Wadge, Dani's distinct and poignant lyrics earned her the title of 'Best Songwriter' at The Unsigned Music Awards. With sold-out shows and notable performances, including Kew Gardens and supporting Billy Lockett, Dani Sylvia is set to release eleven new tracks in 2023, leading up to her album "1:11," anticipated to make waves with high-profile supporters.

Written By Rachael Bach



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