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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Charming But Annoying Asf" - Athena Skye

“Charming But Annoying Asf” is Athena Skye’s latest release, and if you don’t know her yet, it’s a perfect starter song, being a self-aware introductory and breakdown of her own person. It’s not often one gets the opportunity to be influential enough to appear as the muse and the artist, Athena is. Her title is self-explanatory, though the piece seems to display traits within herself that could be interpreted as negative or criticism, her tone doesn’t waver in face of them. Proving another trait she speaks on, confidence. She knows who she is, inside and out, and she doesn’t stutter in telling others. The lyrics touch on mental health, referencing therapists and ADHD but even amidst this the song never stumbles into melancholy. “Charming But Annoying Asf” is the peak of self acceptance.

The song begins with electric and intense music, the type of intro that compels one to get up to grab headphones just to fully experience it. It’s not that the pace is particularly fast itself, but the energy of the song makes it feel incredibly upbeat while maintaining a reasonable sound. This upbeat vibe makes the introductory lyrics all the more interesting, Athena describing her past and why she is the way she is starkly contrasts the story the music seems to be telling, but they fall together incredibly. This theme continues throughout the piece, but as it goes on a sort of balance also comes into play in the lyrics that explain why this isn’t a slow, sad, ballad. Every negative trait has a positive one behind it, this isn’t self-hate, it’s self-exploration and awareness. The chorus, as well as Athena’s voice hold this early 2000s pop quality that completely tie the song together and the song ends with a staple of this, at a high note on another repeat of that unforgettable chorus.

Athena Skye is a London based singer and songwriter, though not much more of her can be placed into categories. She takes pride in, and should, her ability to move throughout genres and offer a unique sound that combines them. Her lyrics are mostly based on her personal life, being an emotional outlet, and so, they are known for their relatability and genuineness. This skill was first noticed on Tiktok where her songs went viral in the beginning of her career. Now, she holds over 2 million views on the platform as well as an impressive social media presence elsewhere having thousands of followers there and on Instagram. Follow these accounts below and stream “Charming But Annoying Asf” now.

Written By Hailey Schap



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