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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "Chasing (feat. NEIMY)" - Solar State x NSH

In their easy dance-pop single, “Chasing,” NEIMY, Solar State and NSH tell the story of a woman who optimistically waits for her significant other to return to her. A person she once enjoyed running after for the thrill of it. Now she’s grown weary, recalculating the relationship and her emotions stating, “I’ve got to get you off my mind/ I go numb most of the night/ I know some say it just takes time/ These scars will heal I can’t rewind.” Self-worth is realizing what you don’t deserve, and in this case, she doesn’t deserve being left behind. Sometimes it’s daunting, feeling alone, like you’re in the middle of the desert with no real direction of where to go. But “Chasing” has a dreamy outlook on the situation through its melodious production and dancefloor track, giving the listener a reason to believe that she eventually finds her way back home.

With the immediate acoustic guitar and soft background instrumentation in the beginning, the song gradually increases in tempo and dynamically—to the point where it feels like the music itself is running. Though it sounds thrilling, the lyrics themselves protrude a different tone as the woman in the story admits that she no longer longs for the chase, “Now I’m just chasing, chasing, chasing the thrills/ I used to crave them, crave you/ Remember how it feels?/ Now I’m just chasing, chasing, chasing them thrills/ But I don’t wanna chase no more.” NEIMY’s vocals pick up the harmonious melodies and make them soar, flying over the playful instrumentation of euphonic whistling and bouncy beats. “Chasing” is an artful collaboration that combines the brush strokes of profoundly suave production and heart-provoking lyrics, creating a serene song despite its message.

Solar State is no stranger to the electro-pop world, starting his career back in 2011 and earning up to 1 Billion + streams over the years since. Based out of Amsterdam, his songwriting and production skills have garnered him a widespread following on social media and streaming platforms from all over, with his music going Platinum 25 times. His midas touch on music has landed him a secure spot within the industry, opening more doors to working with other well-established artists and creating non-stop hits. NSH is one of those outstanding artists, collaborating with Solar State for the first time on their compelling single, “Chasing.” On the rise, NSH (pronounced as NASH), is a Swedish music producer and songwriter. His artistic career started in 2016 with his first released single and collaboration on “Survival,” an electronic craze. Since then, he has developed a mild beachtop dance sound, which can be heard in his newest collaborative single, “Chasing.” With new music on the rise, there is no doubt NSH is an up and coming musical grandeur.

Written By Amanda Palacios




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