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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Check Check" - OhEm

Getting out of a bad relationship is like a breath of fresh air. The clouds part, and the sun is shining. You now have opportunity to upgrade to someone better or just enjoy the single life. While you’re going about your business, the last thing you want is to see the other person. However, if fate happens to put them in your path again, you want them to know how awesome you’re doing post-breakup. This newfound confidence might make your ex want to get back together, but you know you’re better than that. “Check, Check” by OhEm is a musical “talk to the hand” gesture. Instead of expressing the dread over seeing her ex, OhEm takes the experience as an opportunity to express her confidence and show her relief over the breakup.

I loved the electronic sound of the song. It made the song very danceable, and it helped amplify the confidence of the lyrics. My favorite lyrics were: “I used to be so weak for you, but now I’ve been working on me and I see it so clear.” She has taken off the rose-colored glasses and sees the person she once loved for who they really are. She knows that she will not let herself get hurt again. I can definitely see the song being played at a club. Other people who have been through the same situation will sing those words loud and proud. I do not frequent the club, but I added the song to my workout playlist. It will make that incredibly long 45 minutes on the treadmill more enjoyable.

OhEm was born in Southport Merseyside, England and currently lives in London. If you want to hear more of her, check out “Impatient.” The song is similar to “Check, Check” in that it has the same vibe of confidence. It is also just as danceable, if not more so. Along with singing, OhEm writes and produces. She received the opportunity to write for K-Pop girl group, Loona. Their album hit No. 1 on charts worldwide. Due to the album’s success, Loona won a Europe Music Award for Best Korean Act.

Written By Kelli Dixon



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