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  • Rachael Bach

Review: "Close As I Can Get" - Lauren Black

“Close As I Can Get” is a fun, upbeat country pop song about avoiding your ex in fear of what would happen if you got close to them again. With a catchy melody and a toe-tapping rhythm, the song perfectly captures fighting the lingering desire to be with someone, despite knowing that they hurt and would definitely hurt you again. Black sings “Yeah I know you’re still the best/When it comes to making my heart race” but immediately follows it up with “But I bet you still know how to make it break” which perfectly illustrates her racing thoughts, acknowledging her attraction to her ex knowing that they would only crash and burn again.

With a slight country twang in her vocals matched by a twangy guitar tone accompanied by the upbeatness of a pop production, “Close As I Can Get” is a perfect blend of pop and country. Her lyrics have the storytelling element that country songs are known for while her catchy chorus with a strong hook is the perfect combination of the two genres. I loved the figurative speech she used, such as “Oh cause, you and I we burned like a livewire/Turning sparks into wildfires.” This metaphor perfectly conveyed the intensity of their relationship, but how that ultimately led them to end things. 

Lauren Black, the acclaimed American singer-songwriter and guitarist, has crafted a distinctive sound that seamlessly blends Country and mainstream Top 40 influences. Her original music, recognized alongside artists like Kelsea Ballerini, Kacey Musgraves, and Maren Morris, showcases a unique crossover Folk/Pop genre. Lauren's success in maintaining independence is underscored by her talent, work ethic, and notable achievements, including winning Alice Cooper's Proof is in the Pudding Songwriting Competition and securing a runner-up position in CMT's 17th Annual NSAI Song Contest. "Close As I Can Get" is her latest single.

Written By Rachael Bach



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