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  • Gillian Mena

Review: "Coincidence" - Lindsay Liebro

A young and upcoming artist Lindsay Liebro took the internet by storm when her single “Wasted potential” went viral on TikTok. Now the artist's newest single has brought together various pop rock aspects as well as well thought out lyrics to showcase her skills. The lingering feelings after a romance and wanting to create a coincidence to reminisce are brought together through her lyrics and the artistry within the single..

Beginning with a pattern of staccatos, the song quickly picks up into a pop rock sound. The guitar and drums create a solid foundation for the rhythm of the vocals. Before the chorus the vocal rhythm accentuations the lyrics being sung, with a pause after sections that accentuates their meanings. The chorus picks up the overall feel of the song bringing in more of the rock aspects of the song, especially within the instrumentals of the song. The new rhythm brings together the rock pop feel of the song through the increased use of the guitar and drum aspects. While the song continues through with a similar feeling through the song Lindsays lyrics shine through the instrumentals encouraging listeners to pay attention to their meanings.

A Pittsburgh native, the 18 year old's first single “Wasted Potential” went viral on TikTok after being mistaken for an unreleased Taylor Swift song. Soon after now having 69,000 monthly listeners, as well as nearly one million cumulative streams, Lindsay has signed with Dance Cry Records. After relocating to Nashville to study music at Belmont University, she began to work on her debut album set to be released in 2023.

Written By Gillian Mena



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