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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Collide” - Steve Marinangeli

What I love about music is that through the lyrics, you can really get a deeper understanding of the artists’ creative processes. “Collide” is the latest single by singer and songwriter Steve Marinangeli, and it’s filled with emotional and melodic lyrics that got me hooked from the start. It’s not easy to turn life into art. However, I feel that Marinangeli hit the nail on the head with “Collide.” The lyrics are so well written. “I take care of you / You’ll be safe with me / We’re gonna fly / I, need you / You’re my missing piece / I’ve been trying to find.” It’s genius, romantic, heartfelt, and moved me to my core.

I first want to give kudos to the incredible talent that is Marinangeli’s voice. He has an achingly beautiful tone to his voice, and it pairs well with the lyrics. He uses his chest voice for a good majority of the song, but as he sings the word “collide,” his voice shifts to a falsetto. It sounds very healthy, and you can tell it’s an easy note for him to sing. He even manages to go up an octave! I also want to talk about the instrumentals a bit. It has a bit of a pop sound, which I think pairs nicely with the lyrics. The main stars are the drums and the electric guitar, which had some sick-sounding riffs playing in the background!

If you don’t know who Steve Marinangeli is now, I don’t think it will take too much convincing to get you to put him in your “favorite artists” playlists. Marinangeli is a Luxembourg-based singer and songwriter, most known for his song “It’s You,” off his album, Hidden Thoughts. The album was even named Album of the Week in Luxembourg! He has been releasing music since 2020, with his debut single “Rescue Me” getting around 42 thousand streams on Spotify. Since the song’s initial release, Marinangeli has gone on to release nine singles and one album. Aside from the music he personally writes and releases, he is also the founder of X-Sato Records, a record label based in his home country. Marinangeli is going to do big things with his career. I can’t wait to see how he progresses, and I especially can’t wait to hear what he releases next!

Written By Isabel Mays



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