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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Come Back To Me" - SEA GIRLS

Releasing their latest single, Sea Girls perfectly capture the bittersweetness of lost love in "Come Back To Me." The song's lyrics depict the lead singer pining over an old flame, reminiscing about the good memories associated with this past relationship. Explaining the inspiration behind the track, frontman Henry Camamile states, "I loved this person, I missed them, so I just wrote it in a song. Our journey as a band has made me more confident and I haven’t had any inhibitions making this album, so I just thought I'd write what I felt and have fun with it and that became 'Come Back To Me.'" Preceding the release of their upcoming album, "Come Back To Me" teases what's to come from Sea Girls. The album, Midnight Butterflies, is set to release on June 14th through Sea Girls' new independent label, Alt. Records.

Explosive and addictive, Sea Girls brings the heat with "Come Back To Me." The track is energetic, featuring driving drums, electrifying guitar riffs, and vibrant melodies. Starting off soft and light, "Come Back To Me" quickly escalates in intensity, getting pulses racing with the song's epic choruses. The upbeat energy of the track contrasts the longing feelings in the lyrics, giving hope that the narrator's lover will hear his pleas and go back to him. Embracing their roots in the indie rock and pop rock genres, Sea Girls' "Come Back To Me" is perfect for fans of acts like Blossoms, Inhaler, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and The Amazons.

Comprised of four friends who met at school, Sea Girls is an English alternative band consisting of members Henry, Rory, Andrew, and Oli. The quartet formed over a shared love of music in 2015, debuting with their single "Call Me Out" in 2017. They have since released two studio albums, Open Up Your Head and Homesick, with both charting within the UK Top 3. Some of their popular releases include "All I Want To Hear You Say," "Do You Really Wanna Know?," and "Weekends and Workdays." Known for their anthemic hooks and energetic live shows, Sea Girls is certainly an act no one will want to miss.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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