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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Come Clean" - Britt Daley

Britt Daley releases her newest single, “Come Clean”, talking all about communication in a relationship. “Come Clean” is about being honest with your partner and telling them everything instead of ‘cold shouldering’ them. Communication if one of the most important parts of being with someone else. So much can get lost in translation when you aren’t clear about things. Misunderstandings and trust issues often arise when you aren’t truthful and communicate well. A lot of the time we expect our partner to read our minds and just know what we're thinking, but that doesn’t happen and we have to remember to lay everything out how it is and let them know what’s on our mind.

“Come Clean” uses heavy electronic-pop elements that make the tune very upbeat and easy to dance to. The dreamy synth-pop sound compliments the sweetness of Daley’s vocals. “Come Clean” is easily a song that I would want to hear while I was out on the town. The electronic vibes are really what make this song sparkle. The catchy beats of the synths just make me want to move my body and sing along to the lyrics. I really enjoyed how transparent the lyrics were about the feelings you have when you’re talking to your significant other. Daley says, “Yes, I’m scared, you might leave.” I think that this kind of honesty is good to practice, and it really shows the feelings that we all have with this subject. Relationships aren’t easy and the lyrics to this song prove it.

Britt Daley’s music can be described as a mix of “chill-wave, downtempo electronic elements blended with R&B and pop vocals”. Daley’s unique music sound has drawn the attention of many other artists that since Daley has performed with, such as Tegan and Sara, Cherub, and YACHT. Her debut album, Daydreams & Movie Scenes, released in 2017, made an appearance on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 and United States Viral 50 Charts. While Daley’s sound is predominantly pop, she often leads her vocals to take on a more EDM feel. Her sound is original and great to dance to, making her a real gem in the world of music. Don’t miss out on anything Britt Daley has to offer!

Written By Emily Hancock



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