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  • George McSherry

Review: "Coming Down" - Natalia Salter

Silken sheets bounce the soft light of flickering flames atop ornate candles but there's no supple love or bright romance when you are left all alone with your thoughts your only company. "Coming Down", the debut single by Natalia Salter, is rife with somber, indulgent imagery of the denial stage of losing someone you loved through every fault of your own. You might have recognized you are to blame for the abrupt end, but the vigor for the love you lived still moves in you. Natalia explores the complexities of this brutal emotion in-depth, revealing both beauty and fear.

Introduced by simple piano and light, airy vocals, "Coming Down" builds slowly with the steady stacking of instrumental layers culminating in the full and vibrant emotion that takes us to the track's end. The indulgent lyricism is kept simple to allow the somber, indulgent message and fine-tuned musicality to sit in their deserved limelight. The understated piano and percussion combine to form the main body of the song's sturdy frame that allows Natalia's vocals to float along with ease.

Natalia Salter is an English artist of Peruvian descent who splits her time between London and Valencia. In recent years she has worked on collaborations with various artists including Kygo, Tim Gallagher, and Rose Gray. Her affinity for melancholic, cinematic soundscapes, inspired by the likes of Sionead O'Connor, plants Natalia firmly in the same category as groups like Beach House and Big Thief. We sit and wait for the rest of her debut EP with some serious antici



Written By George McSherry



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