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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "Complicated" - TAVVI

Have you ever cared deeply about someone you've dated, but knew that they just weren't the right match for you? “Complicated” by TAVVI describes this type of situation perfectly. He describes breaking up with a partner and all the emotions that come with it. Although he knows that they are not a good match, TAVVI still wants his ex to be okay. In this single, the singer still cares about a former partner even though things didn't work out between them in a romantic sense. He feels as though he can finally “sleep” when he knows that she is alright. The emotional lyrics are complemented by a quick melody that keeps the track light and fun. Ultimately, this song has relatable lyrics and an upbeat melody that you need to give a listen to.

Vulnerable lyrics, a catchy instrumental, and an incredible voice make up the hit track “Complicated”. This single has amazing lyricism and vocals that remind me of Khalid and LANY as well as the cool melodies of LAUV and Quinn XCII. TAVVI is an amazing artist that transports his listeners into his mindset with his opening lyrics and stunning soundscape that has you nodding your head while singing. The artist's use of the synths are honestly breathtaking and it adds a dazzling factor to the emotional lyrics. Altogether, this single is a hit that you should add to your next summer playlist.

TAVVI is a singer/songwriter from Eastbourne, United Kingdom. He started creating music in his bedroom and releasing snippets on TikTok, gaining him a large following of 6K. The singer released his first song in January 2022 titled “Love Me Better”. Since his debut, he has released a slew of new singles which led to his song “Good Enough” being track of the day on BBC introducing Suxxes and Surrey. This exposure on BBC and TikTok has led him to gain over 3K monthly listeners on Spotify with his most listened to track having close to 6K streams. Make sure to show TAVVI some support by clicking the links below and giving him a follow, like, and stream!

Written By Stephanie Berning

Revised By Kaitlyn Nicole


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