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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "Constant Static Noise" - Elektric Animals

Do you deal with feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things you have to be responsible for on a daily basis? In ”Constant Static Noise” by Elektric Animals, the vocalist sings about feeling as though there are surrounded by chaos and that everything around them feels like a sensory overload. The singer specifies that a partner is the reason for the constant buzzing in their head, however, he is so devoted to this person, that he welcomes the distraction. The angsty lyrics and the singer's moody tone are kept light with the fun melody and upbeat instrumental that brings a refreshing vibe to the track. Altogether, this single has a wicked sound that has revived 90s alternative grunge.

The song begins slightly distorted as though you are listening to it from another room until you are transported into the full sound. The single has a funky synth and bass that complements the melancholic lyrics of the verse. The bridge is where the vocalist and guitarist shine with an intense and impactful few chords as well as the emphasis on the singer's vocals. In the final chorus, the singer is joined by harmonized layered vocals which ends the single on a phenomenal note. Overall, you need to add this track to your next playlist because it is a catchy song that you will be stuck in your head and playing on repeat.

Elektric Animals is a Denver-based band that consists of keyboardist Will Hubert, bassist Jerrid Vans, drummer Eric Everhart, guitarist Oscar Jara, and vocalist Nick Sanders. The members began making waves in early 2018 for their 90s post-grunge sound, releasing their first single titled, “Obsessive”. Since their debut, the band has released a slew of singles and one EP named “Chanels”, which aligns with the group's cool alternative vibe. Although Elektric Animals has not yet released an album, they have amassed over 2,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and have close to 100,000 streams on one of their most popular singles, “Come Clean”.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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