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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "Conversations" - Jodré

Musical artist Jodré has just released a beautiful new love song, called “Conversations”. His track, “Conversations” is based on the first time the artist experienced being in a serious relationship. With lyrics straight from the heart, the artist uses his powerful voice and acoustic guitar to help express those emotions. In “Conversations” Jodré takes his listeners on a journey of self-reflection and finding love as he recalls those conversations he had with that special someone that changed the way he saw himself and her. Each time I heard him sing, “Take me to your heart” I fell in love a little more.

Jodré shows off his unique mix of R&B and Soul in his latest single, “Conversations”. The song starts off with the artist's smooth vocals singing, “I was lost in my ways when you found me”. Jodré uses lovely instrumentals to complete his serenade. You can hear the guitar melody throughout perfectly complimenting his lyrics. Not only is it pleasant to listen to, but can be seen as a form of expression. "Conversations" was engaging to the point where It felt like nothing else mattered in those 3 minutes of the song, but his words. In “Conversations” Jodré sings of the nights when the two of them would stare at the stars, to the times when their conversations made him question his own thoughts. The song ends with the same guitar melody and the artist's vocals slowly fade in the distance. Overall, Jodré does a fantastic job at capturing those feelings of love and passion when you first start a relationship with someone, and it’s hard not to fall in love with it.

Jodré is a singer-songwriter from Portugal, who is currently residing in the UK. The artist is bringing his unique sound of R&B and Soul into the pop world with each new release. His music is largely influenced by popular RnB and Soul artists such as Daniel Caesar, Frank Ocean, and Steve Lacy. “Conversations” is Jodré's recently released single, from September 2022. This is followed by “cigarettes” released earlier in 2022, “where have you been” and “Divine” in 2021, and his first single “S.H.E” in 2020

Written By Jenna Barton



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