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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Conversations With Myself" - SHIR

Body image issues and insufficient self-confidence are perhaps some of the most relatable feelings in our current society. Constant comparison to others and the excessive desire for perfection keep many from embracing their true selves. SHIR embodies these feelings of insecurity and self-doubt in her 2022 single, “Conversations With Myself”. The song tells a genuine story of wanting so desperately to love yourself and your body, despite constant criticism from the voice inside your head. This grappling between self-acceptance and self-loathing is a common struggle that many listeners will be able to relate to. SHIR’s angelic vocals and profound lyricism pair beautifully to produce a rhythmic anthem that illustrates the realistic and inconsistent journey towards achieving self-love. Lyrics such as, “Every girl up on a pedestal around me” and “Every bone inside my body wants to want me” authentically capture the commonly held aspirations for a positive self-perception and a desire for happiness.

“Conversations With Myself” begins with the introduction of soothing guitar strums mixed with unique string noise and a subtle twang that strengthens the song’s overarching theme of beautiful imperfection. SHIR has an ethereal voice, with a wide vocal range, good diction and the ability to hold raspy falsetto notes. Her powerful and crisp voice presents a catchy rhythm and strong chorus. The single’s haunting bridge features a melody change and the devastating, relatable lyrics, “Yeah, they say I’m pretty, it must be an illusion”. SHIR addresses that this self-consciousness is difficult but completely natural and a part of being human. Not only is “Conversations With Myself” a beautiful sounding song, but it presents the important and positive message of self-love that will resonate with listeners and serve as an inspiration for those who listen to its true meaning.

Based in Los Angeles, SHIR is a pop-inspired independent artist. Before releasing her own music and finding her authentic voice and style, SHIR began as a songwriter for other artists. In fact, on her Spotify you can find a playlist titled, “Written By SHIR” which showcases all of her written and released songs, both sung by herself and other artists. The singer-songwriter began writing music in her bedroom at just 15-years-old. Since SHIR’s beginnings, music has always been a form of creative and emotional expression. Through her passionate lyricism, SHIR allows listeners a peak into her innermost thoughts, with her songs often containing lines that are personal yet allow audiences to feel seen, heard and validated. Her 2021 single, “God For A Day” has amassed over 2.2k streams on Spotify alone. Likewise, she appeared as a featured artist on the 2022 single, “Wrong Reason” by INIMINI. SHIR has an active social media presence, often posting acoustic song covers and other original music content on her TikTok. Through her courageous storytelling and heartfelt messaging, SHIR creates music that speaks to audiences on an emotional level. Her alluring voice and talent for writing sets her apart as a rising star to watch as she creates more music.

Written By Julia Hooper



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