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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "cool like frozen yogurt" - ÊMIA

Breakups are not easy. Especially if you still have a lot of love for the person you're losing. Learning to accept and forgive is the best option regardless of what the outcome was. It’ll be easier to move on that way instead of holding a grudge. You’ll be the only one hurting. Having that acceptance is part of growing. ÊMIA’s song, “cool like frozen yogurt” is about accepting an apology from an old love. She describes this song as her “olive branch to her ex.” People cope differently after separating but in this case, there’s a light-hearted spin on it which is sometimes needed.

ÊMIA starts “cool like frozen yogurt” with an appealing hook that draws the listener in. You’re sat there wondering why this song has such a catchy vibe with it being a breakup anthem. That’s what makes it unique and different. She has a pleasant voice that ties in with the upbeat tempo which creates a harmonious melody. Her high-spirited tone makes a heavy situation into something less serious. The effect ÊMIA has on the listener with her vocals and music is to make them feel content through her lyrics. Throughout the track to the end, the lines, “We’re cool like frozen yogurt / bitter sweetness on the side” are sung a few times which is the best way ÊMIA describes the relationship after forgiveness and becoming civil with each other.

ÊMIA is a singer, songwriter, and producer based in Brooklyn. She’s been featured in Logitech’s for Creators Campaign and appeared in Netflix’s Ronny Chieng Takes Chinatown. Some of her inspirations are Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne which she looks up to in the industry. Electronic music, R&B, film scores, and musical theatre are some of her music influences. She self-wrote and self-produced her debut EP, “Little Secret” and has been featured on countless Spotify playlists and on Starbucks’ playlist, “Coffeehouse Pop.” She’s landed placements on New Music Friday Belgium, Spain, and Norway working as a songwriter and vocalists for producers such as DUUMU, Imfinenow, and SVDKO. Her latest EP, “VIDEO CALL:AM” was released back in September with five singles; two of the songs, “fake scenarios” and “heard it on the internet” were featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist. She’s now working on a full-length album that’s anticipated and is surely an artist worth following!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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