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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Crash" - Souvenir

Rising pop artist Souvenir just released his latest track, "Crash." The moody electro-pop song tackles his fear of commitment and avoidant attachment style in relationships. Through comparisons to car rides and crashes, he dives into his experiences pulling away from people because he does not want to fall too hard and risk something to lose. With rich vocals and infectious, synth pop hooks, Souvenir explores his experience in a track described as for those "lonely late night car rides home from the party." For those looking to add a new queer pop release to their playlists, Crash is the perfect fit.

Fully diving in and committing to a relationship can be a difficult task for some individuals, creating difficult situations of hurt and heartbreak for everyone involved. In this dreamy, synth-laden pop track "Crash," Souvenir gives listeners an honest perspective on having commitment-phobia. Here, he admits that he has hurt men before because he could not commit how they wanted and cannot promise this current relationship will be any different. He opens up about his feelings with lyrics like, "When you're calling me your lifeline, babe / I don't even have your number saved" and "Don't speak, just turn the radio on / I gotta keep moving to move on." Souvenir often remains guarded in his romantic life. He leads people on. He pulls away when it feels like too much. These patterns can lead to the 'crashing' sensation that he expresses in the track.

Similar to artists like Troye Sivan and MUNA, Souvenir is a Brooklyn-based queer pop artist that blends classic sounds with millennial/Gen Z influence. His musical journey has led him from a small town on Cape Cod to music school in Miami to his current placement in New York. His music is an exciting testament to the modern queer experience, heartbreak, and growing up. If you love a versatile synth pop style, then Souvenir's latest track is one to check out. You can also keep up with the rest of Souvenir's music releases by following the social media accounts linked below.

Written By Sydney Gray



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