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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "crawl" - margø

As a dark-pop, synth-rock fan with an overwhelming intrigue with gothic aesthetics, I have been naturally drawn to Margo since I discovered her about a year ago. Her music delves into the intricacies of human life and the grim and sinister sides that are often swept under the rug. Her honesty and overwhelming devotion to being the voice for the voiceless is one of the many reasons her music has stuck with me. With her latest single, “crawl”, the singer once again tackles these vulnerable topics with dark themes. The haunting track is about a toxic relationship that is drowning in unrelenting jealousy. The song was written for the dark moments in margø’s life when the partners she had been with would do anything to make her jealous. They were manipulative and she would be led to believe that they “thrived in creating a jealous environment.” As a result, this track is about giving in to the overwhelming intrusive thoughts and becoming consumed by envy. With lyrics such as “If I can’t have you, no one can” and “I’ll crawl in your head, love you ‘til you’re dead,” margø ingeniously brings to life these morbid thoughts. She allows herself to become the sinister villain that this toxic partner wants her to be. Every dark lyric illustrates this grim storyline in a satirical manner. Writing the track was a cathartic and therapeutic experience for margø, as it allowed her to acknowledge the pain and suffering she has undergone. Now, she hopes that her words serve as comfort for listeners that may resonate, making “crawl” another instant fan-favorite.

“crawl” is saturated with an ominous soundscape that effortlessly transports the listener into the grim storyline. The song kicks off with synth sounds that set this dark and mysterious vibe. The guitar plays staccato triplet notes in the first two beats of the measures, which expresses the anxious atmosphere of the track. This maintains into the verse where a synth beat and bass are introduced half-way through, before muting in the pre-chorus. While these are silenced, the guitar switches the staccato notes into a riff, rather than triplets. This shift enhances the build into the chorus, where heavy synth is used to guide the listener to the production's peak. This leads to the explosion consisting of an electric guitar using power chords with significant distortion, emphasizing the angsty energy of the storyline. In the background, synth is added and the beat is picked up for a synth solo that leads the transition into the second verse. The bass and beat are present from the beginning of this verse, ensuring that margø’s fiery energy does not stop—even for one moment. The second chorus resembles the first, with the addition of a fast-paced hi-hat beat that highlights the urgency in the story. Then, the bridge brings in a keyboard to take over the melody while the guitar continues in the background and the synth becomes even more prevalent. Unique percussion sound effects signify the introduction to the final chorus that fluently blends into the outro. While layered vocals are utilized throughout the entire track, they are most evident in the last moments of the song, accentuating the eerie vibe and the sinister nature of the lyrics. margø is a genius when it comes to crafting dark-pop anthems that allow her audience to feed into their “villain era,” and with “crawl”, she inspires them to return to their most empowering forms.

margø is a dark-pop singer-songwriter from Edmonton, Canada. She made her debut in 2019 with her single, “In Between”. Since then, the artist has released over a dozen singles and three EPs. “crawl” is the lead single from her upcoming debut album. She has over 30 million streams globally with over 7 million streams on Spotify alone for her hit single, “Play Pretend”. Furthermore, she has been featured on several of the streaming platform’s prominent playlists, such as Villain Mode, SALT, young & free, misfits 2.0, Ready to Rock, It’s a Bop, Best of Rock 2022, Fresh Finds: Pop, Rock Now, New Music Friday Canada, and many more. margø draws inspiration from iconic rock artists such as Joan Jett and Blondie, while maintaining her individuality with a modern, dark twist. Make sure to follow her on social media to stay up to date with any future announcements and check out her creative posts that encapsulate her unique aesthetic.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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