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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "CTFO" - Sleeping Lion

There's no productive quality to fighting. There's frustration and irritation that floods our senses in high emotive situations, and sometimes we should "chill the f*ck out". In "CTFO" by Sleeping Lion, we can see thoughts that rumble through our heads as we're arguing--the anger, the irrationality, and high stakes that make the lines blur and make us not feel as understanding as we usually are. The track sings about how everyone thinks in an argument and how we know that we should "chill out" but layered in a surprisingly upbeat and somewhat jazzy melody.

The sense of being overwhelmed happens more often than we would like. "CTFO" is about wanting the reprieve of silence for just a moment to compose ourselves. The composition of "CTFO" is upbeat, the pop track taking on a witty and sassy quality with piano inclusions. It's fun and contrasts with the harsh idea of an argument with this tune that makes us want to sing along. It's an unexpected juxtaposition that makes this track so welcoming. The song states, "I know that I'm not helping things by tryna discuss it". We know that while fighting, we're not in our right minds--we need to calm down before sorting anything out because we'll go around in circles.

Sleeping Lion is a stunning pop-adjacent duo. The two members, Nate Flaks and Noah Longworth McGuire, bring us this new single, "CTFO" from their upcoming EP. They had a unique start--meeting in Boston but then deciding to pursue the music scene after they moved, Nate to New York and Noah to Rome, forcing them to create their first few songs together over Skype. The two now live in Los Angeles and are growing speedily, working with countless writers, artists, and producers to create connections and cultivate their sound. In addition to writing stunning tracks, the two host a podcast titled "Talking Lion" in which they dive deeper into the writing and stories behind their songs with their artist friends.

Written by Jane Katryn



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