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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Cycle" - Love Fae

The commonly known phrase, “Karma is a bitch", is typically said after witnessing or being a victim of an unfair act that was committed by someone else. Karma serves as both a lesson and consequence for one's actions, and it is definitely earned. In “Cycle”, Love Fae opens up the song with this phrase and immediately grabs the listener's interest, which causes them to wonder who has wronged her. But, the title of the song indicates that she’s been stuck in this unjust situation and cannot manage to leave, no matter how many times she tries to. Being in a toxic cycle is tough, and many other people can relate to this. Love Fae shares what it was like for her to go through it and the rollercoaster of emotions that she was feeling.

It's very clear that someone has treated her unfairly. She expresses a desire for karma to take effect on this person, and that all of the wrongdoing and the way she’s been treated “Can't be fixed”. However, She seems stuck in a cycle of being mistreated by them, but is still unable to break free and will “Just run in circles.” Once she realizes what she's doing and how wrong it is, she questions her own sanity multiple times by asking, “Am I insane? Am I insane?”. She definitely understands and recognizes that not only is her relationship or situation unhealthy, but so is the way she’s coping with it, which is why she asks herself, “Where has my mind gone?” She struggles to find the courage to leave no matter how many times she attempts to. She just seems to find her way going back to them, remaining stuck in a toxic situation and cycle with this person (“Can't seem to find a reason to leave the past”). Unfortunately, this is a common reality that many people experience and Love Fae is sharing her story with listeners that might relate.

Love Fae, whose real name is Carlee Norris, is a pop singer and songwriter. According to her spotify page, she has over 6,000 monthly listeners, and 3 other songs released, which are “Color Blind”, “Therapy” and “Homewrecker”, with “Homewrecker” leading with over 24,000 streams. This angelic pop fairy and pop artist sees releasing music as a way of telling her story and performing her mind “out loud.” Follow Love Fae on her musical journey with the links below, and check out her latest single, “Cycle”, which is out now on streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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