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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Daddy's Girl" - Halo Kitsch

“Daddy’s Girl” by Halo Kitsch is a certifiable pop rock anthem. You can feel the music pulsating through your body from the moment it begins. It gives off the same energy as throwing clothes in a trashcan from someone who wronged you in a dark alley, torching the sweatshirts and memories with gasoline, lighting a match, and walking away as the world behind you goes up in flames. Halo Kitsch tackles mental health, substance abuse, and pure honesty in a tactful, yet abundantly catchy, manner. “Who cares if people adore me when I’m in pain?” This is a chilling line of relatability from when you’re at your lowest and begin to stop what anyone else thinks. This song is about someone in a deep state of darkness. Halo Kitsch explains the depression and misdirections in an incredible way where you’re not just hearing the words, but you’re seeing a movie project through your eyes of a lost soul on a path to destruction. The sad protagonist has found she can only rely on herself, and even that is touch and go. We watch her rollercoaster ride of life that mirrors her peaks and valleys of her mind. It’s a cold, cold world for a daddy’s girl, but we’re on this journey with her, even though she can’t be stopped and denies help, we root for her recovery to happiness and a new life ahead.

“Daddy’s girl” is just one of the powerful tracks on Halo Kitsch’s debut EP, ‘With You (In Mind)’ where she completely flips preconceived notions on their head and speaks so honestly about the struggles in life. This album pays homage to her best friend Jillian who passed away in January. She confronts real life issues head on. This song is authoritative yet intimate. You turn the volume up to 100 but don’t make a sound because you’re hooked on every word. She’s making a statement in this song that life is not always rainbows and butterflies, and it’s that raw realness mixed with her raw talent that makes us absolutely captivated.

Halo Kitsch is an indie pop rock singer, songwriter, and musician who has a firm grasp on the reality of the real world. She’s in a lane of her own creating a clear path to honesty and making the members of the world not feel so alone. Some people don’t breach these deep subjects, but Halo Kitsch knows the importance of tackling them on a global scale. Her deliberate, clear words will have a great impact on fellow listeners who are struggling. She is a 24 year old from Los Angeles with an old soul and a compelling presence. She’s the type of artist you want to listen to because she seems to have lived a hundred lives. She turns the dark, taboo stigmas of the world into energetic bops that open our eyes, ears, hearts, and minds to know we are not alone. Halo Kitsch is a powerhouse artist who’s going to change the world with her vulnerability into the dark world and her sublime knack for music.

Written By Grace Chapman



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