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  • Molly Schiff

Review: "Dancing Alone" - Sophia Gripari

When going through a breakup, it’s common to want to put your ex on blast for all of the wrong they did towards you during and after the relationship. We’re only human; it makes sense to want the other person to know how badly they messed up. Sophia Gripari does just that in her comeback single “Dancing Alone” which proves to be a cathartic release for anyone listening. Throughout the song, Sophia makes it clear that she has moved on to bigger and better things while her ex is the one upset now, sitting alone and thinking about what they had done. The song’s instruments are very up-beat while the lyrics are an emotional release, making it the perfect song to listen to when you’re ready to conquer the world again post-breakup.

The song opens with a soft rhythm on the guitar as Sophia sings to the ex that did her wrong. As the first verse continues, Sophia introduces instrumental layering as she continues to tell her ex off for how he treated her. It then gets very quiet in the background at the start of the chorus, before picking back up into an almost club-like rhythm and once again quieting down as she specifies that she is not the one dancing alone. Sophia’s voice keeps a soft tone throughout the song that pairs excellently with the instruments she chose to include. At the start of the second chorus, the tempo and beat of the song picks up into something you want to get up and dance along to.

Originally from London, Sophia moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams in Pop. She dove in headfirst upon her big move and very quickly began putting her own music out there. Her most successful song to date is “Hate You but I Don’t,” which has almost 1.8 million streams on Spotify. On top of this amazing accomplishment, Sophia has amassed over 2 million views on YouTube with channels such as La Belle Musique and Mahogany showing their support for her content. In 2021, she re-released her hit “Hate You but I Don’t” with a Dutch Dj named Marc Benjamin that was showcased at Tomorrowland, which is the largest dance music festival in the entire world.

Written By Molly Schiff



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