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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Dancing On My Grave" - Noah Pearce

Experiencing negative thoughts in your mind can turn into an ongoing battle, gradually complicating your daily life. These persistent thoughts have the power to influence your beliefs, leading to self-doubt. Naturally, you want these thoughts to just disappear and leave you alone, allowing your life to feel normal again. However, you then start to question when this struggle will end and how long you will endure this state of mind. It’s like your mind just never stops racing. For some, this comes from being stuck on your past and the decisions you’ve made, which you now may regret. But doing this prevents you from looking towards the future, as well as enjoying the present moment. This struggle, as well as “waiting” for it to go away will keep you stagnant. You have to be strong, fight against these thoughts, and believe that what’s best for you lies ahead of you because that is where your happiness lies. In Noah Pearce's latest single, "Dancing On My Grave," he delves into the deeply personal subject of mental battles and the difficult fight to overcome them.

We’ve all had our times where we let our negative thoughts get to us, and maybe even stop us from growing. In this personal anthem, Noah gets specific and dives into how these negative thoughts feel. He kicks off the song by stating how badly he wants these thoughts to release their hold on him: “I’ve been dreaming of the day that dusk and dawn go back to normal, but it’s taking so much longer than I need it to.” As the song goes on, we see Noah working on his breath, and using that as a method to release the unwelcome thoughts: “Inhale. Exhale all my worst thoughts. Empty out my lungs.” Using breathing techniques and viewing that as releasing the negative thoughts from him is a healthy habit towards becoming his best self again. All in all, this song revealed a personal struggle that almost everyone experiences at some point in their lives. Negative thoughts can feel like they’re eating you alive, especially if you’re dwelling on your past and forgetting about your present or future, which contains growth and happiness. However, by fighting it, releasing those thoughts and believing that you can feel normal again, you’ll come back stronger, healthier and happier than before.

Noah Pearce is a 21 year-old trans singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Johannesburg. “Dancing On My Grave” is 1 of 5 songs from his upcoming EP, “Domicile”, which is set to release on August 17th! This EP is his second, with the first being released a year ago called “Monster.” Domicile contains and shares his experiences of heartbreak, emptiness and sadness. “Ballet Dancer” is another song from this EP that was released a month ago. This song is about his last relationship that ended because of their two different dreams in life heading in different directions from one another. Check out Noah Pearce’s newest single “Dancing On My Grave” out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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