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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Dancing On My Own" - Bella Jane

Photo Credit: Brett Wood (Instagram: @liminaltart)

Some breakups can stop us completely in our tracks. They feel as though a piece of us has gone missing. Bella Jane’s new single “Dancing On My Own” perfectly captures the overwhelming and interchanging feelings of loneliness, healing and heartbreak that we face before reaching acceptance. When stuck in a toxic relationship, the fear of losing someone you know so intimately can conceal the reality that you're not meant for each other. “Dancing On My Own” communicates the necessary steps of healing, growth, reflection and self-love. Bella Jane’s heart wrenching lyricism successfully portrays the seemingly unending longing for your lost love. For instance, the line “Now I’m dancing to a sad song, wonder where we went wrong, everything reminds me of you”, conveys our relatable tendency to retreat into sadness and overthink our hardships. Bella Jane's beautiful voice and meaningful lyrics make "Dancing On My Own" a touching track, detailing the inner-battles faced during a break-up.

“Dancing On My Own” is introduced with sweet guitar strumming. The single provides a simple and light listening experience, with Bella Jane’s airy, high-pitched vocals and subtle rasp. The song is spiced up with hypnotizing harmonies and touches of guitar string noise. Intricate vocal layering adds monumental depth to the track, with different pitches and vocalizations crossing over each other and blending together to create a magical final product. Bella's voice can be described as no less than mesmerizing, transporting audiences into a dream world. "Dancing On My Own" is an excellent showcase of her impressive vocal range, with delicate soprano vocal runs and low-pitched powerful notes. Bella Jane is a talented rising artist with the musical experience, vocals and song-writing ability to reach great heights as she expands her discography.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Bella Jane is pop artist and passionate songwriter. Bella has a deep love for the songwriting process, the piecing together of differing musical elements to create a final track. That love has grown exponentially since she started writing for local artists. Bella Jane’s debut single, “Light On” was released in 2021 and has surpassed over 41k streams on Spotify alone. “Light On” is another catchy pop track, but with more R&B inspiration, with the inclusion of deeper vocals and powerful belts. In 2022, Bella released “Still Be Friends” which showcases breathy vocals and a more indie-pop vibe. Bella Jane can be discovered on the Spotify editorial playlist, “Fresh Finds AU & NZ” which has over 10k likes. She is also featured on “Best Pop Playlist”, a public playlist curated by Virmedius with over 10k likes. Bella has the kind of ethereal and angelic voice that anyone could admire. Luckily for fans, Bella Jane is hosting a “Dancing On My Own” single launch concert with special guest, Lottie McLeod, for an evening of indie and acoustic pop at The Junk Bar in Brisbane on March 24th.

Written By Julia Hooper



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