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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Dancing With The Dogs" - Connor Kirk

There's nothing better than a song that you can't help but dance to. "Dancing With The Dogs" by Connor Kirk features abstract, poetically written lyrics about single nightlife. Referring to boys as 'dogs' in this scenario, the storyline of this song is of a lonely woman who just wants to have a night out and enjoy herself. But the night ends how it usually does - a stranger in your bed and a morning full of regrets. Although there's a darkness to the meaning of this song, it still brings an upbeat and energetic energy, making it impossible to sit still when you listen to it.

Haunting chords and harmonies ring in the air of 'Dancing With The Dogs', giving it the theme that Connor describes as 'dystopian'. Fuzzy vocal effects give the song it's classic feel. Though the progression gives spooky vibes, it's still incredibly catchy in nature and is reminiscent of nostalgic 80's pop and rock. It's giving hints of Michael Jackson, but with the modern dance punk twist of early Panic! at the Disco and the darkness and distortion of Gorillaz. 'Dancing With The Dogs' is what I would describe as the perfect concert song. It's catchy, easy to sing along with and it will get you moving.

Connor Kirk is versatile art pop artist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He's a unique songwriter and is an incredible live performer, having opened for acts such as Ceramic Animal and Young the Giant. If you like this style of 'Dancing with the Dogs', you may also like his song 'Hunger City' which has similar vibes. We also did an Interview with Connor back in January 2022 where we discussed his song, 'Party Down', which you can read here. Make sure to give Connor a follow below! His next single, 'Strangers on a Train' comes out January 20th!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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