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  • Aaron Soltis

Review: "Daydream" - The Assist

The Assist reminds me of the oldies from Coldplay: classic sounding songs with strong vocals, great lyrics, and a rocking beat that will drive you right back into the early 2000s. Their latest song “Daydream” does a perfect job at grabbing your attention with a simple but powerful message. The line “no matter how long those days seem, let’s daydream” describes the bittersweet notion that despite the troubles that life may bring, you should never let your dreams fall away from you. I feel like this is a very relatable message, since it’s pretty common to wonder what the future may hold and what it would ideally be.

The use of electric guitars, vocals, a drum set, and synths offers a very effective sound that is hard to beat. An important part of the song is the recurring motif of the electric guitar (panned to the left) which compliments the lead vocals throughout the verses and chorus. The lead singer then provides a soothing but passionate melody that is quite memorable, keeping the listener engaged. Arguably one of the most important aspects to songwriting is the blend between instruments, which was done phenomenally well in this song. No instruments or sounds sticks out unnecessarily, every instrument works together well to create a general ambiance, and even the countermelodies are consistent and do not clash with the lead vocals. The Assist also provides a top notch production quality, rivaling that of some of the most popular mainstream artists to date.

The Assist is a new indie pop/rock group hailing from the UK. Their recent appearance in the music world is already shaking listeners by storm and their growing presence has even received glowing reviews from BBC Introducing, Clash Magazine, and more. Their debut album “Council Pop” releases on August 4, 2022 and looks to be a promising addition to the pop/rock genre. You can find The Assist on platforms like Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also visit their website for the latest information on new music, tours, and even great merch!

Written By Aaron Soltis



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