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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: “Daydreams” -Hailey Mia

This artist is a vocal powerhouse. Hailey Mia explores being in a toxic relationship and using daydreams as a way to escape. She uses these daydreams as a way to imagine a better reality in which she is in love with her partner, peacefully, without the toxicity that her reality has. This song has Olivia Rodrigo vibes, with mesmerizing vocals and vulnerable lyricism. "Daydreams" is an emotionally raw pop single that audiences can relate to as well as will love listening to.

Click here to listen to ”Daydreams”

The song begins and ends with peaceful noise, sounds like paradise, then abruptly fades into a guitar riff. This illustrates how the singer is sucked back into reality from her daydreams. As previously stated, Hailey Mia has an incredible voice, and she shows off her crazy range throughout the song. The musician sings the bridge in a beautifully emotional falsetto. The belting at the end of each chorus during "All of the" is simply breathtaking, and will have listeners gasping.

Hailey Mia is a singer from Clifton, New Jersey. She has been in love with music since she was eight years old when she began her musical training. The vocalist auditioned for the reality singing competition The Voice in 2021 and ended the show on Team Kelly as well as won fourth place overall. Although there are multiple covers officially released through The Voice, Hailey Mia released her pop debut single in May of 2022, titled, "Shes All I Wanna Be".

Written By Stephanie Berning


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