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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Dead Body" - KEHLI

Cutting toxic people out of your life is one of the most freeing feelings. You take off the rose-colored glasses and realize just how much that person was holding you back. You now know your worth and won’t let anyone else tear you down. KEHLI’s song, “Dead Body,” is a breath of fresh air in musical form. After going through a breakup, she will do everything in her power to keep her toxic ex out of her life. Every aspect of the song works together to paint a picture of newfound happiness and independence. The overall message of breaking free from something can apply to a variety of other contexts, and I think a lot of listeners will be able to relate to it!

The first thing that stood out to me was how the instrumentation builds from the verses to the chorus. The first verse starts out with an edgy electric guitar strum as KEHLI is reflecting on the bad times in her relationship. She sings, “so narcissistic, how did I miss it?” The music begins to change on the phrase, “after all these things you’ve done…” The chorus then bursts forth with a louder guitar, drums, and backup vocals. At the end of the chorus, KEHLI triumphantly declares that she wants her ex back “over my dead body.” Another element of the song that I enjoyed was KEHLI’s vocals. They blended excellently with the instrumentation and you can really hear the raw emotion in her voice.

KEHLI is a singer/songwriter from Dublin, Ireland who now resides in London. Her passion for music took hold at a young age when she studied music and dance in stage school. At 14, she competed on The X-Factor and The Voice which built up her fanbase. Since then, it has only grown. Her debut song, “One Last Kiss,” snagged the top 5 spots on several of UK’s club charts. KEHLI has also accumulated 1.1 million streams on Spotify alone! I loved listening to “Dead Body” and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. Follow all KEHLI’s socials down below to be the first hear about the release of her upcoming EP!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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