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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "December" - The Wren

Photographer: Ursula Bowling

Have you ever been blindsided by love? In “December”, The Wren’s latest single, the singer details feeling as though she was too consumed in her partner to realize who they truly were. The artist sings about not getting what she wants from a partner and moving on. She continues, describing how sometimes being single is better than being with a person who isn’t right for you. The heartbreaking lyrics are complemented by gorgeous vocals and a gentle instrumental. The instumental is stripped down and lets the vocals shine throughout the single. Overall, this is an emotionally raw track that you need to add to your next playlist.

The single begins with a delicate falsetto with soft guitar chords. In the second verse, the singer is joined with gorgeous harmonized vocals that create an angelic feeling, combined with The Wren’s smooth, light, and incredible voice. The bridge is a highlight of the track. In the bridge, the song is stripped down to the simple guitar chords and vocals from the beginning of the single and emphasizes the singer’s heartfelt and personal lyrics. The final chorus allows the singer to show off her incredible wide range as she repeats the line, “And I dodged a bullet, I know”, before the stunning instrumental and her voice fades.

The Wren is a Los Angeles-based artist. She has always loved singing and at 12 years old learned how to play the guitar. Over the years she has been able to cultivate her songwriting and describes her sound as soft indie folk. In November 2022 The Wren released her first single titled, “Please Don’t Joke About Dying”. This song similar to her next single is a beautiful and emotionally vulnerable track. An impactful moment in the songwriter's pursuit of music would be her first open mic. Although The Wren had been performing in front of crowds for most of her life, her first open mic was after a couple of years away from the stage and was an important instance that helped her become more assured in herself. The Wren’s musical journey has been long and has helped gain confidence in herself and her passion.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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