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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Deep Down" - Rosie Meyer

Wanting to be in love can lead us to do things that we normally wouldn’t, such as staying in a bad situation. I think we stay for one of two reasons. First, it feels great to know that you’re with someone. Second, we may have a lot of faith in second chances and hope that the other person will change their ways. After listening to Rosie Meyer’s new single, “Deep Down,” I feel that she would relate to the latter. The lyrics tell the story of how she kept coming back only for them to turn around and hurt her. Fortunately, the song also has a second and more prominent layer. It is a “heartbreak anthem.” Meyer takes heartbreak like a champ, as I think it has made her stronger. All listeners will be able to draw inspiration from her story!

An anthem has a reputation for being passionate and “Deep Down” is no exception. Despite being about a breakup, this song is really upbeat. It consists of a well crafted dance sound that is created by the combination of a bass and drums. This is layered with a repeating lick on the chorus that sounds like it is played on a xylophone. This all forms a background to Meyer’s heartbreak story. In the first verse, she starts by talking about her memories. Meyer was under the impression that the timing for a relationship wasn’t right. Yet, she watches helplessly as the person is with other people. The second verse is a follow-up to this as she questions if she should move on. The chorus says that she has learned her lesson and moved on. I liked that the title has two meanings. This is demonstrated in the line “...deep down, I know you will pull me down, deep down.” Meyer knows deep down in her heart that this relationship will pull her deep down emotionally and mentally. That’s why she made the wise decision to leave.

Rosie Meyer is a small town girl writing big pop songs. She is very venerable with her listeners, telling stories about all aspects of her life. She is using a combination of musical influences, which include 2000’s pop songs and Scandipop icons to create her own sound. It’s hard to believe that “Deep Down” is her first release of 2023 and debut single. Meyer definitely started her musical career off with a bang, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. Follow all of Rosie Meyer’s socials down below to learn more about her and stay up-to-date on new music!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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