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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Delusional" - Alexa Kate

“Delusional” is about the complicated mentality of interpreting your life differently when things are not going exactly how you wanted. On the outside, it’s easy to understand why people believe everything you do is intentional. They see your unbothered nature and think it’s the result of things always going your way. However, you learned long ago that life is more complicated than that, so you resort to blissful delusion. You find yourself high in the clouds, far away from reality and that is what works for you. You have lived this way for so long that other people see you in a different light. This lifestyle is how you reclaim your own life back. The delusional mindset you have cultivated for yourself is familiar and empowering. You try and try for a new life but, as time has gone on, you realize it is much easier to continue living this way, even if it’s just temporarily.

“Delusional” is an energetic commercial pop anthem that is a unique atmospheric experience. Throughout this single, there is a constant ambient air that reverberates through each section. Everything bleeds together in a similar fashion. There are continuous vocals accompanying the melody that remain during each verse. These vocals offer a sprinkled in choral experience that feel as free-flowing as they are strategically placed. Each vocal is distorted in a way that feels very uniform, and it just adds on to the already ambient nature of the single. Every atmospheric element is reflective of the lyrics which compare the narrator’s life living in the clouds and other delusional ways of living. We feel as light and everywhere as the lyrics describe and this makes everything blend together.

Alexa Kate is a singer-songwriter from New York. She has a decent following on social media that is consistently vibrant with her supportive fans. She began her career in Nashville and Los Angeles, where she fell in love with the craft of songwriting. She regularly performs at various live venues and has built a name for herself in the live music scene. Her consistent posts about her performances and career as a whole garner more positive engagement and help solidify her online presence more. Make sure to follow her on social media and give “Delusional” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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