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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Depressed in Heaven" - Davvn

There are times when we are living in moments that are traditionally seen as joyous, but instead of swimming in that happiness, we are left feeling despondent and unable to simply exist in contentment. It’s a much more common experience than we are led to believe, and it can leave us feeling frustrated and angry. Moments like these make us realize that happiness isn’t a destination on which we land on, and that’s why people often feel discouraged when they aren’t able to always experience happiness. The latest single by music duo, Davvn, called “Depressed in Heaven” creates an atmospheric showcase of these emotions and how it’s a difficult situation to get out of. It’s hard to be as transparent as the lyrics of the song are, and Davvn is able to do this to the tune of an energetic alt-pop anthem. Along with this, lead singer, McCall Bliss provides an emotional vocal performance that really completes the final product. “Depressed in Heaven” is a great track to have at your disposal during difficult times of being unable to get out of that dark spot we often find ourselves in.

The lyrics of the song are incredibly illustrative, portraying a person who feels isolated based on all the joy surrounding them. The emotions of the main character contrast the images of the shining sun and festivities painted by the main character. In terms of instrumentals, the verse stays simple, and this allows the buildup in the pre-chorus to stand out more. The chorus of the song explodes and is incredibly catchy. It picks up the energy of the song and it shows off more of the group's style versatility. The subject of the chorus perfectly reflects the message of the song, how heaven represents those perfect moments we can’t enjoy because our own emotions won’t let us. The second verse has some slight changes from the first that reflects how the energy of the song is building on itself. Bliss’s vocals sound angelic throughout the entire track and it’s what makes the song feel complete and emotionally vulnerable. The song ends with the chorus reprised with only focus on Bliss’s voice, and it’s a great way to wrap the work as a whole. “Depressed in Heaven” is a poignant performance that reflects an important issue that often is not seen as universal when it is.

Davvn is an alt-pop music duo originally from Nashville, Tennessee. The duo takes in a lot of influence from early 2000s pop punk music, along with modern alternative rock and pop. While the act has been releasing for some time now and has experienced moments of going viral on TikTok, Davvn had the opportunity to work with the legendary band, Bowling for Soup. This collab was a crucial moment for the duo that helped them gain even more popularity. It’s fun to see a group like Davvn using these nostalgic styles we all grew up with and making them their own. It shows a true love for the craft, and it definitely leaves audiences excited to see what the duo comes out with next.

Written By Chantal Charles


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