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  • Ari Schweitzer

Review: "Devil You Know" - Cat Rose Smith

Ever wonder what the future of country music sounds like? Cat Rose Smith might have the sound you’re looking for. Blending modern pop vocals, country harmonies, and indie electric guitar playing, Smith’s music is certainly a diamond in the rough. Her debut single “Devil You Know” is where you’ll notice the potency of this innovative sound, with lyrics relating to the picking of one’s poison.

“Devil You Know” kicks off with growly electric guitar strumming and beautiful vocals that describe all those long standing problems that we’ve learned to live with. Smith ties in her country style on the lines, “better the devil you know / the one whose tricks don’t trick you any more”. Muted acoustic guitar strums add that authentic country feel in contrast to the electric bass and ringing indie chords, all on top of a lush pad of vocal harmonies. The song’s bridge hits while Smith continues talking about the familiar burdens on all of our shoulders, whilst gritty electric guitar sounds build up the chorus once again. “Devil You Know” presents an innovative and unique approach to the country pop genre that just can’t be missed.

Cat Rose Smith just burst onto the scene with this debut single, and she will undoubtedly be turning heads with her future releases. Who knew that moving from the USA to London would make someone write such great country music? While Smith has already proven her musical prowess with guitar covers and song snippets on TikTok, “Devil You Know” won’t fail to impress anyone looking for their new favorite artist.

Written By Ari Schweitzer



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