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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Diamonds" - Candace Sosa

It’s hard to break out of the precedents you’ve set—especially when you’re great at it. But that’s precisely what Candace Sosa aspires to do. While her current reputation mainly surrounds her writings and the works she’s created for others, she’s turning it on its head to bring out the part of her that was a little overlooked. “Diamonds” is her newest single, a song to tell us that she’s determined to chase her dream of being recognized as an artist, not just a songwriter. Staying within her current path will only make her feel like she's missing something, and she doesn't want to feel like that. So instead, Sosa intends to tell the story of her going for her passions, and with this track, it’s clear that she will do it stunningly.

Sosa starts by stating, “It’s time I make a move/And do what I came here to do”. While she’s proud of what she’s accomplished, she wants more—she wants to set out to do why she pursued this path in the first place. She’s “a diamond going through the rough” and is only getting better. This track holds a classic pop feeling, hope imbuing itself within the lyrics and melody. The Michigan-born artist is stating that she will not stay within her current boundaries, growing under the pressure of expectations to show exactly what she can do. It’s inspiring how she chooses to pursue her passions, especially as she’s already been successful in other means. She might be scared, but she motivates herself with the idea that she can no longer handle being stuck in this songwriter box. Candace Sosa is going to carve her way to her desired path no matter what obstacles she faces.

Candace Sosa is a phenomenal singer, songwriter, producer, and artist in Los Angeles. She’s worked on many projects for multiple people, co-writing eight songs for the global superstars BTS. However, this isn’t all she’s good at—she excels at singing, bringing attention to the meanings behind her writings with her dynamic vocals. "Diamonds" is the first track she's put out in a while; with it, she's only continuing to gain a captivated audience. She is an artist and wants to focus on that over the reputation of a songwriter she’s created for herself. Sosa, with “Diamonds” is breaking out of her mold and showing people that she’s more than just a writer.

Written by Jane Katryn



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