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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: “Didn’t See It Coming” -Salt Ashes

As soon as listeners hear the bass in “Didn’t See It Coming” they are instantly hooked. This song has the best elements of pop and dance music. The artist explores feeling unprepared for a relationship but wanting to make it work with a partner. Salt Ashes' smooth tone also complements the fast dance beat that is present throughout the single. Overall, this song is an electronic pop banger that listeners will love.

In the single, the artist delves into the idea of unintentionally falling in love with someone. Salt Ashes somehow manages to blend the best characteristics of electronic and pop. In the chorus, the melody builds and becomes a moody dance beat. This moody dance beat adds to the overall dark synth-pop vibe. During the final chorus, the artist harmonizes vocals for the repeated lyrics "all I want is you", layered vocals are mesmerizing and one of the highlights of the song. “I Didn’t See It Coming” is the perfect song to play while out dancing and signing with friends.

Although Salt Ashes may seem like a band but is actually Veiga Sanchez. The vocalist is from Brighton, England. Although she had always had a love for music, she realized her passion was music and began her pursuit of becoming a musician at 16 years old. Salt Ashes released their debut single in 2011 titled, “Somebody”. She continued to release her official album which was a compilation of remixes of her songs named, “If You Let Me Go (Remixes, Pt.2)”. Sanchez describes her unique sound as “electronic alternative pop”. What encourages Veiga Sanchez to continue to make music is inspiring and connecting with her listeners.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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