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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Distractions" - Femi

“Distractions”, Femi’s latest release, is about avoiding the temptation of them. He describes craving more than a distraction, something to intentionally concentrate on. He speaks of embracing feelings, especially where they may be seen as too much to take in. Reacting to life rather than acting within it is the constant cycle he finds himself trapped in. He calls not for emotion to halt but for it to bring him back to reality, rather than pulling him away. The story he develops, and his own individual development, is one of sensitivity, self-awareness, and honesty. Distractions are only temporary, for someone with such a clear sense of their wants and mentality, they are useless. That’s what Femi does here, explains his sense of reality in a way that these distractions have been preventing him from experiencing first hand.

The tone of the song is relaxed, but not necessarily depressive. It has its moments of being upbeat, but doesn’t forget the truths it intends to address. It begins with a percussion intro that immediately intrigues the listener. When Femi begins singing, he creates an easily sympathetic voice for the listener by putting them in his shoes using descriptive imagery. When this fades into more intangible experiences, they understand them with him due to this pre-established connection. He sings perfectly in tune with his instrumentals, each line being echoed and the music fading with his own voice when he pauses. When we reach the chorus, he follows this pattern. Each word is purposeful and sung with confidence, making the song easily memorable and securing the ability to sing along after only one listen. The song ends with a statement that summarizes what he’s been trying to say for the entirety of it, “I need more than my distractions”.

Femi is an American artist whose work ethic is constantly observed through the sheer amount of creating he does. In the mere three years since 2020, Femi has released ten singles, the most recent of which being his first of 2023 “Distractions”. His other releases feature similar tones to this, electric and modern but featuring intensely emotive subjects. Widely enjoyed for their ability to be danced to as well as related to. And they are enjoyed by a large group, his most streamed single “Unhappy” has over 1.5 million streams on Spotify and as an artist, Femi has been played in 157 countries, gained over 509.6K listeners, and been recognized in article after article for his incredible ability. Follow Femi below and stream “Distractions” to contribute to his continuous success.

Written By Hailey Schap



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