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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Doesn't Matter" - Caroline Romano

Described as a “choose your own storyline” song by Caroline Romano, her latest single “Doesn’t Matter” details a relationship that may or may not be worth the heartbreak that would come from its fated downfall. It is about unguardedly falling in love while surrounded by that simple intimacy, imagining that everything else disappears into the background as long as you can capture this moment forever. It doesn’t matter where they’ve been, who they’ve seen, or even who they may have kissed– you just want them and their love. That said, this song is meant to connect to your personal experiences with relationships, and its dreamy synth and contemplative lyrics help twine that universality into its track. Its flowing songwriting will make you feel seen; and combined with such rhythmic instrumentals, Romano has crafted a track to match anyone's lovesick heart.

“Doesn’t Matter” begins with a compelling introduction with winding synth and driving percussion; it spins and spins and spins until there’s a “pop!” and Romano’s vocals enter the track. I found this little moment extremely captivating, the sound being so singular in a rather hypnotic way. It truly sets the tone for the rest of the track as the synth and percussion form the song’s instrumental backbone; they introduce the track and keep it going for its entire runtime. Combined with Romano’s dreamlike vocals, you’re treated to a track that makes you feel as if one with the song’s lyrics. As the songwriting details getting lost in another person– so much so that nothing else matters– one line particularly stood out to me: “Turn me on like the radio”. Much of the lyrics describe how encompassing this relationship is to the narrator, and the fact that this lover can turn them on like a piece of machinery, it really hammers home how large their influence is over the narrator. It’s all-consuming: it literally does not matter what the lover does outside of the narrator, as long as they are there in the end. It’s so very poetic, and the track does a phenomenal job of illustrating these types of relationships through both instrumentals and songwriting.

Singer-songwriter Caroline Romano is known as a multifaceted artist who is able to breezily transition between ballads and anthems. Her resolutely honest songwriting delves into the trials of young adulthood, painting all the details of youth through vibrant soundscapes. Her debut single “Masterpiece (feat. Jacob Whitesides)” dropped in 2017 to great success; and her debut album released in 2022, entitled “Oddities and Prodigies”, which gained vast support from tastemakers such as EARMILK and Sweety High. Throughout the years, Romano’s music has grown; today, it leans into that alternative sound that we all know now, which was heavily featured in her 2023 EP “A Brief Epic”. For those who enjoyed “Doesn’t Matter”, consider checking out her extensive discography, which will leave you with plenty to listen to while we all excitedly await her next releases!

Written By Alexa Leung



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