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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "Don't Be Afraid" - AMRIX

"Don’t Be Afraid" is AMRIX's first single, and is offering up a helping hand. Speaking about guiding through the "dark days", AMRIX has let his voice be the guiding light within his song. Alongside writer Matt Miller, the two have opened up a world with their sound. Pulling you in with each line filled with emotion, singing "I've got you if no one else does" hits deep, giving us a taste of something different for a summer release. In each of his lines, we are able to dig into a personal experience of a relationship with him. As we are pulled through the song, we follow his voice to keep us away from the dark as AMRIX is able to tell us "Don’t Be Afraid".

While this song does not speak to the upbeat tone of some EDM, AMRIX has delivered something far more powerful and deep-cutting. The song begins with electric yet familiar notes resembling a warm hum. AMRIX, along with Mix Engineer Ruben Castro, are able to allow each beat to flow as if we are feeling a sense of hope with every pulse. This song allows you to feel safe with its warm tone and cool beat intertwined. As we approach the middle of the song, we are more singled out by AMRIX’s voice, as he flows each word together as if his words were floating through a river of honey. By the end, you can begin to feel fulfilled by the harmonizing and slow decrease of the presence of a voice and sound.

AMRIX, along with Matt Miller and Ruben Castro, have created an electrically enchanting first single for the artist. With "Don’t Be Afraid," AMRIX is able to stray away from genre conformation, defining the boundaries of each single genre. Daniel "AMRIX'' is a producer and singer from Perth, Australia. With his debut single, "Don’t Be Afraid," he is already well on his way to making his mark on the music scene. Using his unique tone and non genre conforming sound, AMRIX has created something beautiful. Be sure to keep up with AMRIX's growing career by following him on all platforms below. As well as listening to "Don’t Be Afraid" now!

Written By Cate Schnoebelen


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