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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Don't Be Distressed" - BBY LIZA

People often make mistakes within relationships. These mistakes could include hurting the other person by mistreating them whether it’s due to outside forces or within. When this happens, it causes a rift between both parties and creates awkward tension. This could leave the other person in the dark and wondering if you two will move past this dark time or if this could be the end. It takes communication to reassure the one who got hurt that this isn’t the end all be all. As long as they take responsibility for their actions and prove to the one they love that they will still stand by them, the relationship can be repaired. BBY LIZA expresses her apologies for the one that she hurt in her piece “Don’t Be Distressed.” This ballad is an apology to the person she loves for the pain and stress she caused them during a dark period in time.

This piece is truly a heartfelt ballad about the reassurance that she wishes to give her love after a period of hurting them. The whole vibe of the song is melancholic as well as ethereal. The melody is more instrumental-based and keeps a slower pace to match the theme of the song. The melody matches very well with her vocals, as they both have very gentle and ethereal aspects to both. BBY LIZA’S voice has a velvet sound to it and her emotions are clearly shown through her vocals. Just by her voice alone, you can tell how passionate she is about the situation presented in this song. As for her lyrics, she crafted very personable lines regarding her sorrows. She is completely transparent about how she views herself and the situation with lines such as “regretting not keeping it honest with you but I was too scared to tell you the truth” and the chorus as a whole. Quite a few lines in the chorus begin with “I’m sorry,” which reiterates how sorry she feels about the situation. This whole piece is very emotional and keeps a consistent air of grace and raw feeling.

BBY LIZA, also known as Agnes Frisk, is based in Helsingborg, Sweden, and has kept music as the only common thing throughout her life. Her life's purpose is to perform and entertain, and she desires to do nothing other than being an artist. She participated in Sweden's got Talent in 2020 where she showcased her ability to dance, sing, and rap. After participating in that and other talent shows throughout her life, she moved on to getting more serious gigs. She has been seen sharing the stage with artists such as Icona Pop, Anis Don Demina, and Molly Hammar. Agnes has already accomplished so much in the music industry and as a 16 year old, she's just getting started.

Written By Melina Darlas



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