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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "don't give up on me yet" - Mack Imagine

Relationships can be hard to maintain when you're struggling with yourself internally. Sometimes it can come off like you don't care; sometimes you will say things you don't mean because you're scared; but one thing you do know is that you love the person your with and you'd do anything not to lose them. They make you feel like a better person whenever they're around and they bring light into your world of darkness. "don't give up on me yet" is a beautifully written song about fearing losing the one person who can make you smile while you're in a mental funk. Self-destructive thoughts run through your head and you don't know how to dig yourself out quite yet. All you know is you want your person to still be there when you become okay again.

Everything about this song is well thought out and perfect. Beginning with the sound of a rainy morning and delicate piano chords, the tone is set and ready for you to listen. Soft and smooth vocals creep in and gradually build up stunning harmonies that make your heart skip a beat. The lyrics are so incredibly relatable and written in a poetic manner. It's raining, it's a morning that seems to last forever, there's no coffee left in the kitchen to give you a little pick-me-up, and you're all alone with your thoughts. The chorus brings in a soft Contemporary beat and classic guitar that guides the emotional melody through as the lyrics speak to the one they love about how much they need them to help get them out of the dark.

Mack Imagine is a pop / singer-songwriter duo projects based in Southern California. Formed by Matthew Zeko and Jack Brady in 2020, the long-term friends decided they wanted to begin writing songs together. Influenced by incredible talents like Charlie Puth, John Mayer and Jeremy Zucker, Mack Imagine knows how to grab their listeners attention with emotional soundscapes and lyrics that tell a great story. Matthew and Jack met in middle school where they shared their love for music by performing covers. Mack Imagine came to be once they realized their talents can go even further and they began creating incredibly catchy and relatable originals.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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