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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Don't Let Me Know" - Sheena-Rae

Sheena-Rae's latest track "Don't Let Me Know" pulsates with the giddy electricity of early infatuation, encapsulating the contradictory wish to draw closer to a crush while simultaneously reveling in the distance. Through her pop savvy and urban flair, Sheena-Rae crafts an upbeat anthem that resonates with the excitement of a nascent attraction wrapped in the delicious enigma of uncertainty. Whether it's the lilting lines like "I'm longing for your touch, but please don’t give it up" or the playful assertion "Cause you know that I love the chase," the lyrics dance between the craving for connection and the allure of anticipation, deftly capturing the paradox of wanting to sustain the sweet tension that comes from not quite knowing where one stands.

Musically, "Don't Let Me Know" presents an infectious beat that drives the song forward, laced with a pop melody that sticks. Sheena-Rae's vocals are playful yet determined, delivering both sung verses and a cheeky rap section with a dynamic ease that draws the listener in. The production blends classic pop structure with R&B textures and a hint of rap's cadence, creating a sound that's contemporary and radio-ready. The use of bright synths and energetic percussion creates a mood that's both irresistible and vibrant, capturing the essence of its subject matter — the thrilling, sometimes maddening, dynamics of playing it cool with someone who's caught your eye.

Sheena-Rae is quickly rising as an artist to watch in the London music scene. Combining the mainstream appeal of pop, the soulful depth of R&B, and the lyrical agility of rap, she delivers tracks that are as reflective as they are catchy. Her magnetic online presence and the relatability of her music have garnered a growing fan base poised for more. Following her previous singles like "Politician" and "Still Won’t Stay," "Don't Let Me Know" stands out as a lighthearted celebration of romantic ambiguity, affirming Sheena-Rae's talent for turning the threads of everyday emotions into compelling musical moments. As the song now takes its turn through streaming platforms, inviting listeners to embrace the joy of the undefined, Sheena-Rae continues to define herself as a multifaceted artist with an ear for what moves her generation.

Written by Megan Cao


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