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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Don't Say" - Alissa Feudo

"Don't Say" is the new stunning alternative-pop release by Alissa Feudo. The song starts intimately and holds a slow-building intensity that turns this alternative pop track from intimately acoustic to a drum-driven, powerful, and emotional song. It contains a certain mystique, attributed to the soft electronic notes behind her airy vocals, catching our attention and driving us in. "Don't Say" touches on the painful aspect of a relationship, where one is giving but not getting love back. With this new single, Feudo bravely delves into the pain and beauty of finding out what love isn't.

The song lyrics detail someone within a relationship realizing that the other doesn't actually love them. There's a poignancy that emanates from the lyrics, "I'm still waiting" that first holds a bit of hope when paired with the line, "never wanna be the one to give up on trying" but as the song progresses, the hope fades, and they sing, "I was never meant for you". This development brings the drums heavier into the track, driving the song with this intensity that leaves traces of pain but lets the listener realize that there has to be more to love than this. The intimacy within this track fluidly melds with Feudo's airy and emotion-rending voice and brings us a track with powerful lyrics and sound.

Alissa Feudo, currently living near Austin, Texas, is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. She handles an introspective style with her airy vocals, captivating listeners with her songwriting and singing abilities. Also known under her alias, ICON, Feudo started gaining popularity because of her trance-style collaborations with Myon and other works with an array of artists. Working on releasing her debut album, we can see her signature style gravitating listeners to her music and exciting current fans for what's to come.

Written by Jane Katryn



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