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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Don't Think Twice" - Rita Ora

In the journey of life, embracing risks and seizing every opportunity is important. This principle is especially true when it comes to love. Many people tend to contemplate the future of a relationship when considering making it official, often neglecting the joy of the present moment and the potential that lies within that person. It's crucial to recognize that by taking that leap of faith, you open yourself up to the possibility of finding your true love, or maybe just learning lessons along the way. In “Don’t think Twice,” Rita Ora says it’s about not hesitating or thinking twice. Naturally, it is common to have doubts or trust issues haunting you from past relationships. However, holding onto these may prevent you from falling in love with someone fully. Giving it a chance is worth a shot. It can be an opportunity to unfold a beautiful love story.

With her clear and strong vocals, Rita sounds extremely confident in the way she feels for this person. She’s secure in wanting to see where things go with them: (“Am I drunk or am I dreamin’? Cause babe, I’ve never seen this clear before”), but on their end, they’re not too sure. Trying to change their mind, Rita suggests, “Shoot with your heart and don’t think twice.” She does this to persuade them into letting their doubts go and giving each other a chance because when it comes to life, you never know where it can take you! Rita could either be the love of their life, or maybe just a lesson along the way, but they wouldn't know unless they stopped thinking twice about it.

Rita Ora is a pop British singer and songwriter. “Don't Think Twice” is one of 3 tracks that are currently available from her upcoming album, “YOU & I”, which is set to release a week from today on July 14th! In an Instagram caption about the album, she states that, “This album has such a story.” The other two songs that you can also listen to are, “You Only Love Me”, which has nearly 40 million streams, and “Praising You”, which has 17.6 million streams. It’s very clear that her fans are ecstatic for the album and it's just days away from being in their hands. Check out Rita Ora’s latest single, “Don’t Think Twice”, out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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