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  • Chelsea Luo

Review: "Don't Touch the Merchandise" - Eden Gates

“Don't Touch The Merchandise” is the ultimate confidence-boosting song that exudes the boss girl energy we need this summer. The song is about refusing to lower your standards for someone who is not worth it. Singer and songwriter Eden Gates incorporates clever lyrics with metaphors of price tags and discounts. She tells her lover, “you can't afford it, boy, you can't buy it,” claiming that if he can't commit to her—the merchandise—he shouldn't even think about touching. The song is a reminder to everyone to know their worth and remember that they don't need someone who doesn't reciprocate time and energy.

The song’s upbeat nature and steady guitar progression make it fun and easy to sing along. On top of that, the “oooh’s” in the chorus really tie it all together, and the repetition of “you can't afford me” serves as a powerful reminder of self worth and leaves listeners feeling empowered. Gates wants everyone to know that they deserve a partner who sees their value and knows just how expensive they are.

Eden Gates is a rising musician currently based in New York. Influenced by sounds from Katy Perry, Meghan Trainor, and Dua Lipa, Gates loves to create high-energy pop music that leaves people feeling empowered. Embracing her middle name Eden, Gates hopes that everyone can grow in her garden of love and joy that is music. Listen to her debut single now and follow along on her exciting musical journey!

Written By Chelsea Luo



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