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  • Gillian Mena

Review: "Dream About Me" - Agi

Much like how many of us long for during a new romance , Agi voices her desire to occupy another's mind in her newest single “Dream About Me”. The song encompases the emotions that follow a budding crush or romance, giving hope that an individual will ultimately dream about the other for the connections to be formed. She perfectly showcases the emotions of being in love and desiring reciprocation from the other party. The upbeat nature of the song brings to life the emotions of hope and worry present in a budding crush or relationship.

While the song begins as a ballad, the beat quickly picks up, mimicking a heartbeat. The quicker beats allow for contrast to be seen between the chorus and the bridge. Meanwhile the repetitive nature and uplifting beats of the song allow for us, the listeners, to empathize with the lyrics. The quick beats move the song along, creating a sense of hopefulness within the melody and bridges. As the song progresses, the tone of voice and background music all mirror this hopeful nature that she has as an individual for what's to come.

Based in Leeds, England Agi is an upcoming indie pop artist with over 2000 streams on Spotify. Being a younger artist, she voices many concerns and emotions that many people of younger generations have expressed. With her newest single “Dream About Me” she continues to perfectly put into words what it is like to have the uncertainties and hopes of a new love.

Written By Gillian Mena



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