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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Dream Alone" - GIO DARA

If you’ve ever been scared for the future and the passing of time, GIO DARA’s “Dream Alone” will speak to you. This being his first single of 2024, “Dream Alone” is one-hundred percent GIO DARA; detailing his fears and insecurities for what comes next in life, it begins somber before evolving into a bright and uplifting track as he overcomes these anxieties to become the person he is today. It’s a topic that everyone can relate to, and its closeness to an artist is comforting in a way. Knowing that others feel the same way, being frightened of how the clock ticks forevermore, makes us a little less lonely. “Dream Alone” is a song about hope, and clinging to those hopes; flowy instrumentals and passionate vocals form the backbone of a track that is simultaneously subdued and inspiring.

“Dream Alone” begins with tentative strings and GIO DARA’s careful vocals; throughout this initial part of the song, you can really feel the subdued energy radiating from the lyrics as GIO DARA sings, “Sometimes I feel I’m floating / Sometimes I’m a sinking boat.” A focal point, this uncertainty is weaved throughout the first and second verses, but as the track continues on, you can hear exactly where this insecurity is slowly shed. From the second chorus on, the song picks up in spirit as hope is threaded into the instrumentals and GIO DARA’s voice. In a really beautiful moment, the strings are twined with pulsing percussion, and GIO DARA’s vocals are lifted into the heights, hope entrenched into the track. What I especially love about “Dream Alone” is the acknowledgement of life’s difficulties while simultaneously highlighting the importance of retaining the strength to carry on. “Dream Alone” oozes this authenticity, and the fact that the proximity between lyrics and GIO DARA are extremely close, it makes its message that more important, knowing that it means so much to the artist. And, it also makes it that much more comforting.

GIO DARA is a singer-songwriter based in London. Originally from Ukraine, he was a contestant in the 2019 airing of The Voice of Ukraine, and also performed his 2020 debut single “Feeling so Lost” during Ukraine's National Selection of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. Similar to legendary artists like Ed Sheeran and Bon Iver, GIO DARA’s music is intimate and conjoined with warm vocals and strings. Along with his debut single, his debut EP dropped the same year, entitled “Higher”. “Dream Alone” is his first release of the year, so if you enjoyed its soundscape, check out GIO DARA’s discography and socials to keep track of what else he has in store for this year!

Written By Alexa Leung



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