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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Dreamer" - Astelle

It's hard for us not to compare ourselves to others. We're constantly surrounded by media and people showing off their accomplishments while we're left to face our doubts behind the screen. We never know how hard someone worked to get to their position, and because of that, we have to inherently understand that they've worked hard to get to where they want to be, so we should too. "Dreamer" by Astelle talks about not comparing our progress with what we see on the screen, daring us to continue working hard so we can flip the script and be the ones people see achieving their dreams. We're all dreamers in this world, facing individual struggles and trying to succeed in our way. With this upbeat track, Astelle wants to share how she believes in herself and us--and how we should too.

Released on August 12th, "Dreamer" is the third single by Astelle. It's very synth-pop combined with her spirited vocals, creating an atmosphere that entrances listeners. It's the result of imbuing confidence with energy into a music track--leaving us with an impactful single ready to attract fans from everywhere. With this track, Astelle tells us how she wants us to follow our dreams, never hesitating to go for what we want. She shows how she believes in herself, "You say I'm a dreamer/I'll be that till the day I'm gone" and how she believes in us, her listeners as well, "I am not the only one". It's inspirational and motivating, set to a captivating track that people can't help but dance along to.

Astelle is powerful--the embodiment of passion and femininity in a singer/songwriter package. Astelle aims to inspire her listeners with her unique, energized feel to her songs. Born in Ukraine and raised in Northern Norway, she's on her way to cultivating her specific sound as she experiments with her music--taking from her interests in house, pop, and R&B. She wrote her first song when she was just ten years old and got her first professional session when she was 20. She's worked with established songwriters and producers and continues to amaze with her talents. She aims to be honest with her music, sharing her feelings with the public through her engaging melodies and empathetic lyrics.

Written by Jane Katryn



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