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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Drive" - Yaëlzoë

Just in time for summer, Yaëlzoë gives us a light and breezy new single called "Drive." The lyrics give off a carefree energy as Yaëlzoë explores feelings about life, addressing themes of boredom, self-doubt, and a feeling of change in her life. Sending a message of letting go and enjoying life, Yaëlzoë delivers the chorus, featuring lyrics about a desire to drive around town and be someone no one cares about. The chorus gives off a general worry-free feeling, making it a great track to help you forget about your woes. Giving a perfect backdrop to let loose to, "Drive" is a fantastic, feel-good addition to your summer playlists.

Reflecting the carefree vibe of the lyrics, "Drive" is full of cheerful, airy music to match. The tune is driven by bright, energetic pop beats and buoyant melodic material. Yaëlzoë's crisp vocals float over a unique soundscape, flitting between dreamy synth sounds and a twangy guitar. The distinctive sound Yaëlzoë formulates is quirky and one-of-a-kind, finding a home in the indie pop genre. With such an upbeat, breezy demeanor, the track is perfect to dance along to or blare in your car as you drive around town this summer with the windows down. "Drive" oozes the essence of freedom and dares you to let go of your troubles for a while.

Yaëlzoë writes from the heart, creating songs that are searching, honest, and real. The young singer-songwriter effortlessly crafts melodies that carry the stories that move her. Pushing boundaries, Yaëlzoë deliberately chooses to use unconventional melodic lines and experiments with different vocal techniques. She often writes and sings about young love, family, desires, and dreams. A self-taught musician, Yaëlzoë plays the guitar, piano, and sometimes the banjo. Similar artists to her sound include Taylor Swift, Marit Larsen, A Fine Frenzy, Angus & Julia Stone, and Benjamin Amaru. If you're interested in hearing more from this talented artist, some of her amazing work includes "Coney Island Princess," "Youth," and "Weak Blue World."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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