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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Drunk When I Wake Up" - Isaac French

A bottle of wine and a fireplace is how it all starts. All you need to fall deeper in love. Isaac French has a way with words on his charming track Drunk When I Wake Up. The track is an acoustic-driven pop anthem. It perfectly addresses the aftermath of passion between two lovers. After an intimate night with his love, Isaac wakes up the following morning feeling over the moon. The track is exciting and alluring. It brings a rawness that can only be performed through Isaac's silky yet romantic vocals. Drunk When I wake up is the love song of the summer.

A catchy guitar hook defines the soundscape of this track. It leans closer to a country-pop layout with high energy. Isaac belts out lyrics that are a direct reflection of that cloud-nine feeling. His voice is smooth and inviting Isaac digs deep into this track. The track begins with the lyrics: "I drove to the store // Got a cheap bottle of wine // To stay in for the night // On the floor by the fireplace// The flames and the cabernet // Best way to end the day." This is how it all starts for him, cracking open a bottle of wine with his love. tracking those first moments when Isaac realized he was in love. This song encapsulates those love-sick feelings beautifully. the feeling of being drunk is the perfect comparison. Drunk When I Wake Up is a defining track for Isaac. The track oozes with love and intimacy with each line Isaac sings making the listener fall in love over and over.

Isaac French is a Vermont singer-songwriter born and bred in music. His entire family has been intertwined with music and nurtured the love Isaac has for art. He's loved music since a very young age and has continued to perform and fine-tune his skills over time. Growing stronger and stronger in his ability. Isaac is a powerful performer giving each song a massive amount of energy and love with his vocals and musicality. Drunk When I Wake Up is proof of this. Showcasing his musical abilities in real time and proving he will be a massive success soon.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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