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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Dry" - ellakate

This song, “Dry” by singer/songwriter ellakate, perfectly encapsulates what it feels like to be overwhelmed and tired and unsure of what to do to make yourself feel better. Written while experiencing an intense burn-out, this song explores feelings of numbness and indifference and what it does to you when you lose the motivation you are so desperately trying to find again through lyrics like “I’ve lost all of my reliability” and “trekking through the desert, hoping for some angsty weather.” Feelings like these leave you wondering: will you ever be successful the way you want? Or are you so burnt-out that you have nothing left to give? Everyone’s experienced this at some point. Maybe it’s school, maybe it’s work, or maybe it’s something else in your life, but whatever is causing that fatigue and exhaustion, just know you’re not alone!

“Dry” perfectly captures the retro pop sound that’s so reminiscent of the 20th century, creating an infectiously upbeat melody. Right from the beginning, with the horns in the introduction, you’re dancing in your seat as you listen to it. ellakate’s vocals are soft and smooth in the verses, with lingering drawn out notes cleverly backed by a catchy drum beat. After each verse, the song builds with a slight change to the melody, keeping the rhythm fresh before climbing up to a bouncy and bright chorus that makes you want to sing along. The bridge brings the tone back down but builds the tension perfectly in the song, keeping you guessing before breaking back out into the chorus one last time. ellakate creatively makes the song a contradiction by sharing the tougher emotions of being burnt out in the life you have overtop an instrumental track that evokes emotions of joy and fun, and this combination creates an addicting song that leaves you hitting play again the second it's over!

Ella Greenbaum, also known as ellakate, is an alternative pop singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She’s been writing and playing music ever since she was a kid, growing up with musical parents who encouraged her passions. In her music, she loves to explore themes of growing up and finding love, and takes inspiration from not only her life but from stories she’s heard that have impacted her and how she views the world. With a sound reminiscent of other singer/songwriters such as Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, and Tove Lo, and with a voice compared to a “young Amy Winehouse,” Ellakate is ready to take the alt-pop music world by storm! Her debut single, “High Maintenance,” was released in October of 2022, and she’s released five other songs since then, with an EP coming out in August of this year! Click on the spotify link below to listen to “Dry” and explore more of her wonderful music!

Written By Morgan Fischer



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