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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "Easily" - Sylvi Diamond

Today’s relationship culture is hard. People are wanting to move as fast through a relationship as scrolling on social media; which makes dating a mystifying game. One day you’re laughing on the front porch watching the sunset, the next, you’re crying on the seat they were just sitting in left to watch the sunset alone and heartbroken. This is the exact reason why Sylvi Diamond’s heartfelt chorus in her newest soft-rock single, “Easily”, truthfully writes, “Easily, it’s usually me who calls it quits, leaves in a split/ Before my heart can break.” Sometimes it’s easier to be the one who cuts ties, so you don’t become attached. Unfortunately, Sylvi decided to tether her feelings to the guy this time, with him being the one to leave. Though she had to go through a heartbreak to write “Easily,” the song is the perfect track to sulk in; whether that’s in your bedroom staring up at the ceiling, in your car driving by the coast while looking out the window, or on the beach walking your heartbreak off.

“And all that I can do is wish that you could stay the way you leave so easily,” Sylvi’s powerful and crisp vocals earnestly sing about longing for the person she once had. Even though the lyrics are gloomy, the track is sunny with its lo-fi beats and relaxed guitar strums, relaying the song’s sad message with a catchy tune. The beachfront sound is a wave of comfort, helping to mask her defeat. Not to mention, Sylvi’s voice is a drip of honey that adds a hint of sweetness to the song’s lyrical bitterness.

Originally from upstate New York, and now a Clearwater Florida resident, Sylvi Diamond is a well-versed singer/songwriter. Dabbling in genres like country and indie/folk, Sylvi is on the rise within the classic pop and lo-fi pop region with her two singles, “Easily” and “Runaway Love.” Just as her last name suggests, Sylvi Diamond is a gem in the sea of musical artists shining through.

Written By Amanda Palacios



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